Thursday, May 27, 2010

shinas street lights

I had made a post complaining about the attack by unlicensed hooligan drivers of 2-wheelers attacking foreigner. I was a victim of one such attack, from which luckily I escaped without injuries.

I had also made a complaint to the ROP. However, I am yet to hear from them.

After the complaint, I noticed that the electric lamp posts were removed in the 1-km long stretch. It was just a coincidence, though!

For a moment, I thought it was in response to my complaint. By removing the street lights, the light-less scooters will have no chance of survival : so I thought that this was the right move in the right direction.

But this move became a menace for pedestrians like me as the entire area is totally dark and none can walk without light in the night.

Worse still, they have now replaced the lamp posts, but with less no. of support bolts on the foundation! It is a big mistake! Already one lamp post has fallen down. As the post is very long, collapses can happen unless properly anchored.

Now there are two problems - the bike hooligans continue their merry making and the increased risk of ill-fixed electric poles on the street! I was wrong to assume that my original problem would be solved; only one more problem was added to it!