Sunday, December 30, 2007

Community IT Training

IT skills is almost like a normal reading and writijng skill these days. Soon we will be digitally illiterate if we do not know the following:
- How to prepare a word doucment
- How to use spread sheets like Excel to make basic number calculations
- How to browse the websites and of course blogs
- Have and email account: receive and send emails

Is there a way to measure what part of the society is digitally literate? Just postin to invite useful and practical suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sangeetha,
what about e-readiness project? I believe its result would be very useful as for the measurements you are looking for.

But if you define the IT literacy as in the mentioned 4 points, then I would suggest that the people who are having an Internet connection have more chances to be IT literate than those who have not..


Abdullah Ali said...

I am not sure I completly understand the question but I guess people who have a home computer are more likely to be digitally literate than people who dont.

The mministry of education is playing a huge role in eradicating digital illiteracy by having IT subjects in schools. I am sure that in a few years, almost every youngster will be able to use a computer without any problems. This will only leave us with the older citizens :P

Anonymous said...

Thanks Amna,

This number is very small when compared to the actual number of people who work on computers but never have anything to do with the Internet. But yr observation is certainly right.

Unknown said...