Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blogging Problems

Do you guys face a problem when trying to publish a blog? It takes a few days to get an article published sometimes and others its on the spot. The only way to check if the blog is not erased / lost is to go the Dashboard area and look for it in the edit section. How do you fix this problem?


Amjad said...

Yes, I guess every single blogger on Blogspot has faced this issue in different periods. Myself I faced it several times, and it usually lasted for 2 ~ 3 weeks.

The post you publish is actually there, it just doesn't show up on the front page as soon as you publish it. You need to refresh the front page in order to view it on the front page. If you press CTRL+F5 you will find the post there on the front page.

Blue Chi said...

It's a problem with Blogger, the front page just does not gets updated fast enough. Sometimes you edit a page and then you won't see your changes for a while as well.

Toxic_Honey said...

this is really bad!
i changed my theme as well and till now there is no changes and the post which i posted two days ago i cant watch it just my friends can!


Toxic_Honey said...

BTW another Question
o changed the template as i mentioned before and i can see the changes only if i went inside of my account and view the post

but in the new template i cant view my old posts even if i clicked on archive

nzm said...

ColOman: I posted the fix on your post on the same subject over at the UAE Community Blog.

Found here.

It's a known Blogger problem and should be resolved if you follow the instructions.

It worked for me.


allen said...