Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blogger Blocked,

Either Deliberately, or through thier legendary incompetence Omantel has Blocked Blogger access. If you know me, you will already know what I think about this sort of behavior, but since this is a community blog, I'll leave it to your imagination.

I suspect the block will be a temporary, and extremely annoying experience. I am praying for the AP or Reuters to pick up on the story and rain hell down on whatever moron thought this would be a good idea. Accedental or deliberate, it makes Oman look backwards, and puts us in the same league as fabulous places like Saudi, China, North Korea. Oh, wait, we're already in the same league as them on issues like Human Trafficking, so why not freedom of speech as well?

Blue Chi, or others who write for global voices, now would be a great time to update with this news. Please???

Some bloggers have already circumnavigated the block, others will figure it out soon enough.

Kishore has suggested sending emails to Omantel and the TRA, you can read his post here I have sent emails, and it would be great is everyone near and far could be kind enough to do the same.

I am ranting and raving about over on my blog, which you can read about Here

Muscato has also noticed that google services are acting a little funny.

The Undercover Dragon, in a psychic turn of events, posted a list of good ways to get around Omantel's rather feeble attempts to block our access to the outside world. Read it Here, before they decide to block the page entirely.

I would ask for your comments and feedback on the matter, except that they have also managed to block commenting functions on the blogs. SO even if somebody knows what is going on, they would have almost no way of sharing it.

If you want to keep updating your blog despite thier rather pathetic attempts to block access, check with Kishore, Read the Dargon't blog, or drop me an email OtherOman At Gmail dot Com and I"ll let you know a few easy ways to circumvent the block.

You could also migrate your blog to somewhere like wordpress, but then everybody will have to update thier bookmarks.

If you wish to allow commenting on your blog to continue, you can use a programme called Haloscan to replace your standard comments.

Good luck guys. And don't forget to email Omantel and the TRA.


Blue Chi said...

Suburban, sorry for taking so long to respond, but it looks like the problem is now resolved. It was surely a technical problems and not an attempt to restrict the freedom of speech.

Undercover Dragon said...

Ahh, yes, 'technical problems'. Accessing is so technologically difficult these days. When most other sites work fine.... sure...

Blu-chi, its one of the many side-effects of trying to hold down a filter on a whole country's internet access, oh and making sure you fcuk up VOIP because it'll hurt your old world economic model.

OK, maybe its not an explicit attempt to stop people blogging (we know they can't stop that, and I don't at all think thats what it was), but its what happens when trying to block the net in such a ham-fisted way.

It is part of the reason Oman access to high speed internet at a reasonable price is a problem. That's a major reason why penetration is so low.

Moody said...

There is a 15% chance that this was a technical problem.

That's my opinion and not a thought.

Anonymous said...


I had a problem with the LEXX site and wrote to Omantel to complain. I wrote in a clear way and they promptly unblocked the site.
Maybe it was the gentle way in which I pointed out that LEXX is the name of a spaceship!

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