Sunday, November 23, 2008

Obama tells his kids.....on the day before election

Remember those unusual but wonderful letters to Mrs. Gandhi from Nehru? I was reminded of them when I read this online. This is apparently from Obama to his daughters: Malia and Natasha (aka Sasha).------------------

Tomorrow decides your future.

Daddy will head off tomorrow to a tiny little booth knowing this.

I have watched. I have consumed. I have weighed. I have analyzed (mommy would say I should add “obsessed” to this list as well).

But I have done all of this because every day I look at you both as two little humans capable of limitless goodness within and unlimited greatness in this world.

I want each of your dreams realized.I want your hopes fulfilled.I want you to look at the person leading our country and aspire to be like him or her, not someone you support because he’s (or she’s) “just like you.”

I know that tomorrow I hold in my index finger the power to push a button — along with millions of other mommies and daddies – that can help to make these hopes a reality.

But please know, regardless of the result, that little index finger of mine is guided solely by a vision of a better place for you.

You both are my world. 

And tomorrow, I hope that I can make your world a better one.


Watch a nice Family Movie.


Lili3 said...

Aw that is so adorable, but does that mean he voted for himself?

Sangeetha Sridhar said...

I certainly bet. He needed every single vote he can get....until he can b sure of the 'change' of US mind set.

Ali Hassan Al Lawati said...

very nice

ColOman said...


TI3GIB said...

How digusting is it of him to use his children like this ?

What a tool.

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