Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nawras and UK networks??!!!!


Just a question…

Why does Nawras have contracts and dealings with some UK Mobile Networks/companies and don’t have with others?

I mean it makes hard to us who are in the UK and those who are having Nawras mobiles to send and received text messages!

For example, any one with Nawras can send texts to any network in UK but they cannot receive from any network from UK…its so annoying…which means its either us in here having to change the network sim card or the people in Oman changing to Oman mobile…

Anyone, knows any explanation to this kind of arrangements?


a7MeDiNo said...

You can't send a msg to Nawras from an O2 number, but you can from Lyca (for 10p per msg)

Twister said...

It can happen at times...not all telco agreements are reciprocal.

suonnoch said...

See for networks in UK that support Send and Receive from Nawras.

That includes Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone, but O2 is Send Only.

So you have to be sure that you're switched into a UK network that will support your SMS. And Nawras admits that not all telcos are supporting them.

Happy New Year on an extremely cold and foggy day in UK.

Kay said...

some service providers in Australia have the same issues with the Omani networks. its really really annoying

Solafa said...

A7medino - i have never tried that sim card before, but will check it. At the moment i am using vodaphone and T-Mobile.

Twister - Yes i understand that. But they were fine for nealry a year, and only summer 2007 that it started to play funny!:s


suonnoch - Thank you for the link and happy belated new year. :)
Indeed it was very foggy and very cold days.


Kay -

Its more than annoying, for now i need to carry 3 mobile phones with me, just incase.

O2 is my day to day phone
Vodaphone/T-mobile - whch ever has a credit for me to send to Oman

Vodaphone - work mobile that it has to be in my handbag.


bath mateus said...

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