Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ruwi Cinema Closes Down

"Ruwi Cinema, one of Oman’s oldest cinema houses, closed down yesterday as part of Family Shopping Centre’s expansion plans. The management of Ruwi Cinema said they were undecided on an alternative location or a temporary theatre that could show movies.

“We have not yet decided on an alternative location or on a temporary venue,” Hussain M.V., manager of Ruwi Cinema, told Times of Oman. He said the owners of the building had given a notice asking them to move out by December 31, 2008.

He, however, requested movie enthusiasts to be patient till the management comes up with a new location in a few months. “We have all options at our hand either to rent a building or construct one. But it will take several months for a new theatre to come up,” he said.

Hussain said if they get sufficient space, they might even consider building a cinema hall with more screens and also increase the seating capacity. “But you know the rent these days is very high and so we have to think seriously before committing on that option,” he said. Whatever be the reasons behind the closure of one of the popular theatres in the city that has been showing movies for 11 years, there is no doubt that the fans will be the worst hit." [link]


wizard_lockless said...

That is just sad.. I mean it was the only place showing good movies around this part of town. Now we'll have to go all the way to Al Shatti to see movies !!!

muscati said...

Ruwi had four screens while Shatti has just three. With Ruwi now, Shatti is going to be even busier than before. And as it was, Shatti wasn't able to cope. You're gonna have to book a day or two in advance for a movie from now on for all movies, not just the big ones.

Anonymous said...

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Al Nims Media said...

I am a Ruwi cinema regular; pluses were location, caramel popcorn, and downside – non-existent parking around the cinema.

TripleTee said...

when did this happen?

bath mateus said...

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