Sunday, April 18, 2010

Expat attacked in Shinas by bike hooligans

I was attacked on Friday evening by a bike hooligan by throwing a bottle at my neck. Every evening the speeding bikers with no registration and no insurance are a menace in the locality. I wonder if it is possible to alert the police higher ups and start police patrols to control the bikers. Also the ROP must consider making it mandatory to register any powered vehicle. Will someone take up the issue and alert the powerful people in government?


Per Your Request said...

I am sorry about your accident. You should contact the police and yes all vehicles need to be registered.
I do have one problem though. Why do you feel it is necessary for you to include "Expat" in the title? You make it sound like you were targeted for being an expat, if that is the case, you do need to elaborate within your post and provide more detail. However, it sounds more like someone attacked you (regardless of your citizenship).
I apologize, I know that given what you went through this is the last thing on your mind, but being clear and accurate is important.

ultra[blue] said...

You werent targeted. I love how foreigners whine about everything and play the uber victim card whenever possible. Too bad they didnt shoot you.

Hanz said...

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Thats What I said...

UltraBlue who wasnt at the place when the incedent happended says the person wasnt targeted - how did the bottle hit then - a random piece of chance?.

Then UltraBlue says "Too bad they didnt shoot you"

Presumably UltraBlue would also say that the shooting would not have been targeted.

Presumably UltraBlue would say that Qatari Student who was murdered in Hastings England wasn’t targeted

Presumably UltraBlue would say that the Afgani assaulted and tortured by a Sheikh and his henchmen wasnt targeted .

Presumably UltraBlue will never apply the phrase “nemo est supra legis”

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