Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dinner Party Suggestions

I am playing the role of party planner at work to organise a dinner in celebration of a PHD graduate, several officials and a minister will be attending the event. This is not an official event. Expected attendees are about 75, we will have the dinner after Eid, probably in January.

I would like to gather ideas and suggestions on where and what I could do for this dinner party. I am not interested in Shangri La - it is way too far.

Hotels, restaurants, and celebration halls suggestions are welcome.


Suburban said...


I love party planing. I am super envious.

1) If you can get the guest list below 60, then the Chedi can do it, and do it really impressively.

1.5) Kargeen? The new Chef there is a great guy.

2) How about pool side overlooking the boats at the Marina? The restaurant there could do the catering on site.

3) Farther away, but even better, what about renting the beach at the Oman Dive center? Tables set in the sand, tiki torches glowing, everybody relaxing barefoot. maybe some bongo drums and a volley ball net for after the old folks and dignataries split.

4) Maybe your graduate has a friend with prime real estate and a big yard? The Intercontinental has a pretty good off site catering service. They bring the tables, chairs, everything. You do the decor, and the centerpeices, which your guests will steal.

5) Haffa House Hotel also does excellent offsite catering, and has an excellent F&B director and a Chef who is open to trying new things. Thier prices are really good, and they will bring tables, silverware, plates, and lots of decorations.

Email me? otheroman at gmail dot com

Blue Chi said...

Suburban, thanks for your AWESOME response. I will email me for further help soon!

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