Monday, November 5, 2007

State Council members appointed

If both Adam & Eve let down Eve in the 6th term of Shura Council elections, as Mr. Essa Al-Zidjali - Editor in chief of Times of Oman newspaper - claims in his VIEWPOINT journal, then MAWLANA His Majesty the Sultan will never let Eve down.

Yesterday His Majesty issued a royal decree appointing the 70 members of the State Council, and out of the 70 members appointed, 14 of them are women. And since I'm good enough at Maths, I guess that makes it 20% of the council's members.

Having some women appointed in the State Council is not something new. But the thing which caught my attention this time is that Mrs. Raheelah Al-Riyamiyah, whom was previously a member of the Shura Council in the 5th term of the council and one of the 21 women who were candidates in the 6th term of the Shura Council elections and did not win or simply "let down", is now appointed by His Majesty in the State Council. So, if she was let down by both Adam & Eve, now she is appointed by the head of the state himself in the State Council.

For the list of the 70 members of the State Council appointed by His Majesty yesterday, you can check this article on the Times of Oman newspaper, today's issue. [Link]

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