Sunday, February 17, 2008

Identify the logos

Can you identify the following logos?


Sid said...
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Sid said...

1.don't have a clue
2.Amintait or something like that(not sure)
3.Oasis by the Sea(restaurant in Shatti)
4.City Center
5.Bank Dhofar
6.British Council
7.Damn!..almost know this, it's an insurance company..I think!
10.Muscat Pharmacy

Nice post. No prizes???..:)

ni9ne said...

1. Al Ahlia Bank
2. Chillies Resturant
3. The wave
4. Muscat City Center
5. Bank Dhofar
6. The British Council
7. Alliance House
8. Lulu Hypermarket
9. Nawras
10. Muscat Pharmacy
11. Omantel
12. Dominoes

Amjad said...

ni9ne got it all .. ;)


Twister said...

1. AhliBank
4. City Centre
5. BankDhofar
6. British Council
8. Lulu
9. Nawras
10. Muscat Pharmacy
11. OmanTel
12. Domino's Pizza

These are all I could get...

Kishor Cariappa said...

The answers:

1.Ahli Bank
2.Chili’s Restaurant
3.The Wave, Muscat
4.Muscat City Centre
5.Bank Dhofar
6.British Embassy
8.Lulu Hypermarket
10.Muscat Pharmacy
12.Domino’s Pizza

Great try, ni9ne, you just missed by a whisker. Good job sid and twister.

Guys, await a tougher set next time around!

Modee said...

I got them all except 6
can't believe that i didn't recognize the british council :S

allen said...