Saturday, February 2, 2008

Way To Go, Muscat Municipality!

I was discussing Muscat Festival with a friend, and he brought this video up. I checked it out on YouTube and got the shock of my life.

I want to clear out that whenever someone criticizes Muscat Festival, I ask that person to give them a break, they are improving year by year. But this just proves me wrong. When will these people behind organizing the festival ever learn? Who is to blame?

The video you are about to see is just disgusting, to all. Let alone KIDS! This particular show is supposed to be for kids.

I'll let you guys judge this. As I really have absolutely no comment for this.

Where is our great "History" .. Where are our "Traditions" .. Is this a part of our "Heritage"?

Way to go, Muscat Municipality! Someone seriously has to complain!


Al-Maawali said...

I've published the same video in

You are right, this is bad. BUT, I think you are being unfair to the municipality. You can't blame THEM for the act of these stupid bunch of perverts.

I am sure this wasn't organized by them but it happened.

These individuals should be punished BY the municipality.

خوات القمر said...

هزلت يا مهرجان مسقط ؟؟؟؟؟؟
اين نحن من هذا كله!!!!
واين استمتاع البراعم الفتية فلذات الأكباد من وراء ذلك !!! فكيف نسمح أيها القائمين على السكوت على المهزلة الواضحة
متى نرتقي الى المستوى المطلوب ايها الشعب المتواضع في كل شي حتى الوصول الى المستوي الأخلاقي والرقي والاستمتاع بالدونية وحب المهازل
فكيف نرضى لمجموعة من الصورالمتحركة المحببة للطفل العربي بأن تقوم بحركات ماجنة غير إخلاقية على مرئى من الجميع وخاصة الأطفال !!!
فأين نحن إذن من مكارم الأخلاق وكيف نكتسبها !
ولكن لنقل لا حياة لمن تنادي

Suburban said...

I know I should be all offended and screaming about indecency. Because it's a kids show, right?

Except. I. Can't. Stop. Laughing. I've been laughing for two hours now. I showed the video the the housemaid, and the resident adolescent, who also think it's hilarious. Now we can't even make eye contact without cracking up.

Because how often do you get to see a teletubby taking one from Barney? Live on stage! My stomach hurts from laughing so hard.

Hopefully the parents told the kids they were trying to play leapfrog, or "wrestling". One can only assume the actors in the costumes got sacked immediately. I'd be interested to know how it turns out, and if this breaks through to the mainstream media.

Suburban said...

خوات القمر,

You touched on a good point there...

Did anyone else there notice that the home grown Khaleeji Cartoon charictors were trying to stop it?

Isn't it widely rumoured that the red teletubby is gay?

What if the whole thing was scripted? Doubtfull.

Undercover Dragon said...

Wow, and to think I thought I wasn't missing anything by skipping the festival. Now I find out there was actual live porn on offer (and what looks like Alien bestiality at that, no half measures at the Muscat Festival) when I can't even get through Omantel filters for on-line Arabic comedy!

To start with I thought the beginning was just pretty lame, with costumes that looked recognisable, but made in Ruwi. And no actual choreography. But then the interesting bit happened. I had to play it again just to check, but, yep, definite bonking.

What is the prescribed penalty in Oman for pretend bonking on stage in a purple Dinosaur suit? (of course, perhaps its just my fithy mind that it was pretend bonking)... The little one could at least claim to be just kneeling and moving to the music and that he didn't know what the filthy dinosaur was up to...

And who were wearing the suits? Where these perhaps Filipino hairdressers?

Great post!

Anonymous said...

It's obviously not Muscat Festival, regardless by what the title on YouTube implies.

1. The song is pure معلاية
2. The dance is معلاية (light)
3. The setting/location does not necessarily identify with the festival - it could be anywhere.

This may well be yet another boring sohari معلاية video were it not for the (intentional?) misnomer of Muscat Festival.

AlexOverseas said...

May not be the Festival, but it sure looks like it - at least one dishdash/quma combo visible to one side, and I'd swear I've seen those costumes at kiddie events around town. I'm kind of with Suburban on this one - not something to overreact about - and VERY funny!

Suburban said...

Yeeah.... so what is it then smarty pants?

It's pretty well attended by Omani's. I can count three for sure, plus one likely ROP.

My little sister used to watch the teletubbies. Man, those little martians were annoying. I'm still laughing.

Anonymous said...

Several band members are indeed Omani, as is much of the audience. But that neither proves nor disproves anything. Except perhaps that we enjoy معلاية as much our UAE neighbours do.

The poster on YouTube claims Sahwa park as location. I'll need more visual evidence.. especially that EVERYONE, not just one or two, was audacious enough to launch into an overtly suggestive song and dance in a most public venue. It was the singer who switched to chanting دقني, resulting in the dancers going along with the theme (some more demonstratively than others).

For a culture where censorship is often self inflicted, the band appeared too cavalier for me to readily believe it took place in a venue so public. Unless they were volunteers/amateurs who didn't risk having their breadline severed.

What is it? A private show perhaps.

And thanks for the nick name.

Suburban said...

Smarty pants,

I think maybe you're right.

I was annoyed that I hadn't thought to question the authenticity myself. Oppologies.

And you're welcome ;-)

Undercover Dragon said...

Hey, and now the video is 'unavailable' ...WTF?

Did anyone grab it before it got blocked? What is going on? Its not like there was anything 'blockable' - it was funny!

Al-Maawali said...

I hope someone downloaded it before it was removed.

Please let us know. It needs to be kept as evidence.

muscati said...

This was definitely in Muscat Festival.

My wife wrote a letter of complaint to the president of Muscat Municipality. Her friend called Muscat Municipality to complain and the person who spoke to her apologized and said that the people who were performing in this show have been fired.

Is that enough? I think the punishment should have been much more severe.

I really hope this was a one time thing and not a daily even that has been repeating with the same disgusting acts every single day till the time someone in Muscat Municipality opened his eyes. It's disgusting.

Imagine if you were there with one of your kids. How would you explain it to them? How would you feel if you came home to find your son or daughter imitating those filthy moves?

I am even more shocked that people stood there watching and no one got up to do anything about it. If I was there I'd have marched immediately to the person in charge and done something about it. I am continually amazed by people's tendency to just bitch and complain without taking the initiative to actually get up and do something- like for example the person here who has been trying to prove that this video wasn't shot in Muscat Festival. All you had to do is actually pick up the phone and call the municipality. How hard is that?

muscati said...

If anyone has downloaded the video, please forward it to me so that I can show it the people in charge of the festival. It's not available on Youtube anymore and the link we sent to H.E.'s office no longer works.

Amjad said...

hmmmm... does the video being removed have anything to do with the Municipality ?

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected by Muscati. Apparently it was the Festival after all. The thread discussion on YouTube, and here, seemed like another scaremongering exercise. As evidenced by the responses, outrage was by far the easiest outcome. Reasoned judgement? Almost non-existent. From past experience this had the appearance of another sensationalist "trap". Turned out it wasn't, but I still believe we need a dose of scepticism when confronted with these situations. The consequences of truthfulness (or falsehood, for that matter) aren't trivial, so the burden of proof should be on the bearer of bad news.

Rest assured I wasn't motivated by any love for the organisers.


Undercover Dragon said...

I think you're both right. Anon was right to doubt, and Muscati right to check it out. Chill guys, this is all good.

What I still want to know is
1/ did anyone actually grab it
2/ why was it removed in the first place? (that really tweakes my conspiracy button, you know?)
3/ who where the performers? They look like real party people.

Muscati, don't get too upset. If a kid knows what it means, its too late. If they don't know, they won't really think much of it. Just Barney dancing.

Amjad said...

apparently the video is back again at this link.

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