Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Shah Rukh Khan to rock Muscat

According to our little birdie, Indian and Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is most likely to perform in Muscat during the concluding day of the Muscat Festival celebrations on Feb. 15, 2008. For starters, Shah Rukh is known to have a huge Omani fan base.


Jawahir Jewels said...

i actually heard the same thing but then am waiting for a confirmation to the rumors .... however am not a shah rukh fan am a bachan fan but my mum love him heheh if i get anything will let post it here

Balqis said...

Am waiting

Petite For Life said...

My aunty will be thrilled as she's SHk's huge fan. I better start to find out where & how much are the tickets are sold. I'll be dead if she miss his show.

sangeetha said...

Could he be brough in by the Light & Shadow entertainment?

He recently featured for NDTV - Star of the year award and the highest paid in advertisement revenue award.

Making money as a Movie star and if that's not enough as a Model too! 'Make Hay when the sun shines' as they say.

Kishor Cariappa said...

Official confirmation happens at the eleventh hour in this part of the world. So until then….

You like Hindi songs?

I bet tickets will cost a bomb…If a Nancy Ajram VIP ticket goes for RO 40, then what about SRK? It is a pity that Qurum Amphitheatre is too small to host a star like SRK.

SRK says in open that he will dance in marriage functions to make some quick bucks. He is a true entertainer, no doubts about it. And, he is one of the intelligent actor who can talk about Bush, terrorism, cricket, Bollywood...anything under the sun….with a lot of sense.

Balqis said...

He is hot
If he was Muslim and didn't smoke and drink I'd marry him

Amjad said...

Jawahir Jewels: Take Kishor's information for granted. :-) Their "little birdie" always comes with TRUE information, no doubts! :P .. I actually like their little birdie.. hehehe

balqis: am I the only one left in this world that you don't want to marry? :-( .. :P

Common'. I am hot. Wise. Muslim. non-alcoholic. What's wrong in me? :P

Kishor Cariappa said...

He is a Muslim, 100% assured. Sadly, he smokes heavily, and not sure about his drinking habits. Well, there are around 800,657 gals wanting to marry him, and you are 800,658th candidate :D

Concentrate on studies now, marriage later :P

Balqis said...

am not a beauty but I have personality !!!


I want Salafi Muslim
You eat too much Western junk
But we can find an agreement

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