Monday, January 21, 2008

How many Omanias are there?

I'm really confused. Since Saeed Al-Rashdi (founder of Sablat Al-Arab - decided to close down the forum after the famous incident of Sablat Al-Arab, other people started opening forums with similar domains to the original Sabla and some of them even with similar themes to the original Arabic sabla. However, day by day, they are really increasing. So far, these are the Omanias I came across:

Any more omanias?


Blue Chi said...

I don't know if there people are consciously sipping off al rashdi's original traffic, I would not like people to copy my domain name and make use of the reputation I built up. If this was a real business Rashdi could have sued for trade mark infringement if he registered the name of the website as a trade mark, or even passing off if it was not registered.

a7MeDiNo said...

let's create =p

allen said...