Monday, January 28, 2008

Saudi Law to control illegal online activity

Here is news about Saudi promoting new laws for controlling the use of technology for terrorism, fraud, pornography, defamation, violating religious values and disregarding public etiquette.

They had earlier arrested Fouad Al Farhan, a 32-year-old which was considered a the first of its type there.

Now the law make its even more strict and The new law also covers the religious and social use of information and communications technology. Read more at


Suburban said...

I always worry about stuff like this because where Saudi leads others sometimes follow.

I think we have similar rules on our books, but they are rarely enforced and I don't think they have prescribed fines or imprisonment. Blu chi? Can you clarify?

I wonder if they will start by prosecuting the people who are usong services like Limewire to download porn?

Interesting post.

allen said...