Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gulf Cup 19 - Muscat

Less than 12 hours separate us from the opening match of the Arabian Gulf Cup 19. We Omanis have waited for that moment ever since Ismail Matar scored the winning goal against us in the Gulf Cup final back in 2006, in Abu Dhabi.

To the people in Oman, the gulf cup has started a few days or a week earlier. The preparations people have made from decorating their cars with Omani flags, slogans and pictures to decorating their houses and streets with the Omani flag and so on.

I really do hope we win this, we have it all this time. We have a great coach, we have the supporters, the crowd, the people, the land. This time we are playing at home. We gotta win this. We all should pray for the team to win this. We all know for a fact that everyone of us is expecting our national team to win this, we are all expecting to be in the final. That won't happen if we do not support the team and pray for them. Even if they don't, we should still be behind, supporting and thanking them.

To all of us, from Yemen to Iraq, Saudi Arabia to Oman, Bahrain to Qatar, Emirates to Kuwait. This Gulf Cup has a great value to us. To us, it counts as a World Cup. To us, it's the World Cup. This is the most valuable sporting event for us citizens of the Arabian Gulf.

I hope this Gulf Cup brings a lot of success, not only for the Omani national team, but it would be wonderful to have the most successful Arabian Gulf Cup to be achieved in Oman. I hope it is all positive no matter who the winner is, as long as the whole thing is a success.

To us Omanis, this is the time to grab the cup. We are hungry, ever since Doha 2004. We want this trophy and this time we have it all. Nothing can stop us but our own arrogance, the players should not get on the pitch thinking they've already won the match. Nor should they fear their opponents.

I wish you all a wonderful time at this Gulf Cup. Enjoy it while you're in Oman. All of us who are studying abroad want you to have a piece of it for us. Make it up for us. Sure it is hard to not be in Oman at this time, to most of us I think it would be once in a lifetime experience and have missed it.

Let's keep praying for Oman, let's keep cheering for Oman and finally..Let's paint the whole world RED, Green and White!

عمان نبض واحد


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but let us also remember that our fellow brothers and sisters are being killed in Ghaza!

I am great football fan, and a great supporter of the national team. But at times like this, my heart goes to those who can not even find home or shlter to sleep, food to eat and family to laugh with.

Amjad said...

Anonymous: Our hearts are with people in Gaza and we feel what they are going through. The GCC and all the Arab people condemn what happens there. But then again, we can't stop our lives for what happens in Gaza, Iraq, Darfur, Afghanistan or other places. People are killed in hundreds everyday, and that doesn't mean that we should stop our lives.

Life goes on ... :)

Anonymous said...

I would appreciate it if I could get some information about the event.

Which stadium and city are the semi finals and final being held at?

Amjad said...

You can find all information about Khaleeji 19 on its official website:

The football games are played on Sultan Qaboos Stadium in Boushar for Group A and the ROP Stadium in Wattiya for Group B. The final and semi finals will be played on Sultan Qaboos Stadium I think. The volleyball, basketball and handball games are played outside Muscat in Nizwa & Sohar.

Anyways, you can find all information on the website provided above.

bath mateus said...

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Anonymous said...

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