Wednesday, August 8, 2007

OCB announcement

I would like to inform all the bloggers that starting from the 1st of September, 2007; there would be an implementation of a new rule on the Oman Community Blog.

This rule basically is all about the amount of posts that are blogged in a month and a week and the bloggers that post them.

In short, the system would be that from now on, each blogger would have to at least blog some 2 posts per week - whether they are long or short is up to the blogger in name. Secondly, if a specific blogger does not post for one month they get a warning message. If the same blogger does not post for another month, they get a second warning message. With a third month of non-posting, the blogger is then scrapped off the contributer's list and will no longer be able to post anything apart from comments on the OCB.

I have thought about this over and over again before coming to this decision, but I have no other solution since we have a lot of bloggers who have been accepted into the contributer's list but have not blogged once since that time. There are others who have also accepted the fact that only one post from them is acceptable for the time being.

If we are to keep this blog alive and running, I would then strongly urge everyone to follow the rules that have been given out to them prior to their acceptance into the contributer's list and the above amendment.

There will be another amendment following up soon on the topics that everyone can participate in for the sake of the OCB sometime soon.

If you have any questions or queries, please, do not hesitate to leave your comments in this post to address them or even email me on pennedthoughts[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thanking your kind attention..


Kay said...

You might as well take my name off the list. I really dont have the time to commit to this on a weekly basis. I havent updated my own personal blog in over a month. I just have too much going on right now.

Good Luck with OCB.

muscati said...

I no longer wish to be a contributor to this blog. Please remove me.

I joined OCB thinking this is a blog which I can post on whenever I felt like it. However if the admin is going to be treating this blog like a newspaper editor who has to make his writers write weekly, then this blog ain't for me.


Sleepless In Muscat said...

Kay, Muscati:

that isn't the case, here.

Much too many people here blog whenever they want to and therefore affect the way the blog is pretty much perceived by the online world.

I would take this matter into consideration - as, so far, 3 of you no longer wish to participate in the blog.

The purpose of daily/weekly postings of the blog is to keep it relative to the developments that are happening in Oman by which the bloggers see the change through their eyes.

I am sorry you both feel this way.

sensation said...

Well, i wanted to bring this up ... I think it's a good idea to have us posting on constant basis, be it weekly or monthly. On the other hand, I see that two posts per week is too much, wouldn't a post per week do?

Plus, we don't want to have low quality posts just for the sake of it!

I shall be back with more comments and discussion points later on :)

Meticulousness said...

I don't think we're on the same page, SIM. Since, I 'm more focused toward my current project; updating my own blog have became a hassle itself, let alone being a contributor in the OCB...

You may remove me as well; I don't wish to be a hitch to this community and hopefully some other bloggers might add a bit of life as you aspire.

Suburban said...

It's about quality, not quantity man. I have a life, a job, and a family, that expect to be of higher priority than a blog.

Also, It's too cold to type at the moment. I've had to type this three times because my fingers are so cold I can't hit the right keys.

Solafa said...

Come on SIM, you got to be soft with us and not as harsh as you are now.

Some of us are committed to other things are they require more of a full time attention, which restricts our contribution to this blog and our own/personal ones.

I think two posts per weeks is too much per person and posts will be scattered every where and every thing will be in a mess with the extra quantities of post but less quality.

You are ought to consider the number and the period of time of every contributor to post in this place. I my self have been away from the net for nearly a month and within that month I only got the chance to log twice into the msn and check my personal emails. And ONLY today I managed to post in my personal blog and was to post in this blog too, but when I checked this post it made think that you will kick me out as I haven’t been posting over a month in this place.

The reasons that I can get into the net is that the place that I work in blocks every thing even hotmail and yahoo, and I only managed to sneak into the blog and post something, with hope they wont sensor this web link and not block it too.

Well I guess you are taking things too serious in here and that you already had given it a deep thought of this issue!

Meticulousness said...

So erratic, I’m the only one who got removed *laughs*

Unknown said...