Saturday, August 11, 2007

omanforum , english sabla or oman serv. which one is for you

Recently i had kind of a love triangle with all three.
Each one had its own identity.
With english sabla. I felt uneasy , unrelaxed, dictated.
I found comfort at oman serv.
Being a long time member with omanforum. I will always view it as the best and most comfortable of them all.
What i liked about english sabla, was the fact that their are loads of members online all the time.
Thus ensuring looooong topics. Not really focusing on quality but rather quantity .
The majority of members in omanforum however are of an older age, and are commited to work.
So less members online but the quality of the post does kind of turn you on .
The thing i liked most about omanserv was the fact that everyone is laid back . Easy going.
Even though most of them were members on both ES and OS.
I guess that last point goes down to the admin.
All in all. Its good to know that the omani online community is live and vibrant.
With three popular forums. Each for a different type of personality.
English sabla for the young and the vibrant.
Oman forum for the more sophisticated.
And Omanserv a nice blend of the two.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I personally don't prefer any .. of ES or OS. As for ES, the matter that makes you look down at it is the lack of equalisation in the forum. Also, many members with authority take advantage of the situation and use it for personaly usage. As for OS, the place is filled with youngsters and teenagers, you would just expect same answer towards a thread you open ... Also, the forum is a bit all over the place and I hate the way the members tend to write, I mean by that the layout of slang.
Hmm, maybe I should try OF ... *SIGH*

Meticulousness said...

I ditched forums a long time back. What's the point of sharing your thoughts and intellects when there is no one to appreciate them, especially from those who maintain the forum itself i.e. section moderators.

Though, Sariya has a point; many members with authority take advantage of the situation and use it for their personal usage and I have noticed that myself.

And is it just me or did these forums recently turn into some dating fields?

Sleepless In Muscat said...

personally, I used to use the OF base a long time back before I knew ever about blogging. It was an addictive thing for me being a passionate writer and all.

But things changed over the years, and I grew tired of how the forum was moderated and unappreciative of views and how things never seemed to be any better for any of the members there.

I established my blogs hoping that it would get the attention it aspires to and that someone - in high authority - somewhere, would someday appreciate the values of such normal individuals such as you and I.

Very nice post, Modee. Keep it up.

Unknown said...

Unknown said...

I worked as a doctor with ministry of health from 1981 to 2019. Finally I retired from buraimi hospital,but with very bad experience after serving oman for 38 years of my life...when they deducted 40%of my gratuity and gave me only 11000 OR.
Earlier they made the rule of 12 year maximum gratuity in 2014,as a result of which I lost 35000 OR earlier,although my some colleagues got full money....there is lot of wasta business and partiality going on in ministry of health and nobody is bothered.
Very shameful,even HE,isn't listening.