Saturday, August 11, 2007

People & Parkings

Last week I published a post on my blog about a picture I've taken of two cars which were parked improperly. I was supposed to publish that post here on OCB but I didn't because the quality of the picture was a very bad one. Today I noticed the same thing in a different place and took quite a decent picture to share it here on OCB. I know that this is so common and is not only seen in Oman but I really wonder when will people stop being selfish and bother to park their cars properly.


Sleepless In Muscat said...

probably when they stop taking their driving licenses from Sohar & Nizwa.


but on a serious note, this just goes to show that people here only care about themselves. And just to be fair, it's not only Omanis who have this misbehavior in them, but also foreigners of all nationalities - I am sorry to say.

Thankfully, I am not one of them.

Meticulousness said...

Unfortunately, this is a common scene that you may face everyday. I’m not aware whether there’s a ticket issued for such drivers having a parking disorder as I may call it. But even if there was such a fine to be paid; I don’t think it’ll stop those negligent drivers. Even speeding fines haven’t made it through them, now would you think a parking fine would leave an impact?

Anonymous said...

It is so annoying that people would act in a very selfish way! I really don't understand the way some poeple's mind respond to such matters, as it's and "okay" thing to do.

Amjad said...

Sleepless: You're totally right. In fact, those two cars belong to residents here in SQU, not Omanis, and I know their owners!

Meticulousness: I guess there is a fine for parking improperly. But then again, who cares about traffic fines here in Oman?!

Sariya: The other day a friend of mine who read the post on my blog told me in person that some people do this so when someone else comes and park his/her car they don't park it close to them so their cars won't get scratched. lol. How so close minded is that!

Anonymous said...

These people ar ejust too shallow! Oh well, "what goes around, comes around."

Unknown said...