Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Seminar on rising prices of consumer items on Monday

Times of Oman:

SOHAR — A seminar on ‘The rising prices of consumer commodities, services and the scope of cooperation between consumers, traders and distributors’, will be organised on Monday at the Sohar branch of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry by the Omani Association for Consumer Protection. The opening ceremony will be presided over by Ahmed bin Sulaiman Al Maimani, undersecretary for administrative, financial and regional affairs at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

The aim of this seminar is to highlight the major role played by the association in protecting consumers, raising the consumers’ awareness of their rights, protecting such rights and protecting consumers against price hike, profiteering, imitation and fraud. “It also aims at raising the consumer awareness of the scopes of cooperation between consumers, traders and distributors,” said Said bin Nasser Al Khusaibi, chairman of the Omani Association for Consumer Protection and spokesman for the seminar.

In a statement to ONA, Al Khusaibi said the keynote speaker at the seminar, Dr Mohammed bin Ibrahim Ebeidat, chairman of the Jordan-based Arab Union for Consumer Protection, will highlight the price hike in consumer commodities and services in addition to scopes of cooperation among consumers, traders and distributors.

It's high time the inflation issue was paid more attention...the Middle East is suffering from "imported inflation" as the weakening US Dollar drags down the value of the OMR, AED far Oman has resisted the calls to revalue the OMR...

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