Tuesday, October 30, 2007



This country just went through an election and except for Um Qusai the day before the election, and Sleepless in Muscat the day after, no other Omani blogs that I know of wrote anything about it until today.

If this ain't apathy, then I don't know what is.

Update 31/10/07:

My views on the election are on my blog. [link]


Amjad said...

Out of all the Omani people I know, very few were really interested in the Shura Council elections & a fewer number participated by voting. Also if you check English Sabla forum, you will find very few of the members were really interested in the elections and most of them didn't vote even though they are above 21 years old.

I was also a bit disappointment that nobody from the Omani bloggers has written anything about the elections here on OCB, I actually expected to have someone give his/her thoughts about those elections, even if they don't believe in them!

a7MeDiNo said...

I was hoping I'd see a post about it here .. but I was disappointed.

*moving to muscati's blog to read his views*

a7MeDiNo said...

ti3gib blogged about it too;


muscati said...

Ti3gib wrote about yesterday, he was the one I was referring to when I wrote "no other Omani blogs that I know of wrote anythng about until [b]today[/b]"

Solafa said...

Well, i can't write about this election, for simple reason that am not in the country to vote for any one.

Although two members of my famoly did put themselves forward, again the rule roles as "me no there, me no vote" simple. :)

However, i was expecting this topic to be covered in here too!

Solafa said...

plus since this system started i have never witnessed it before and got involved...

infact i don't even know how the system works! :s

Balqis said...

Did the Embassies call to invite to vote the residents abroad or not ?

allen said...