Wednesday, October 17, 2007

OCB Template Errors

Have anyone else noticed the empty areas that take place whenever someone holds a post on the OCB? If you have no clue on what I’m talking about then have a look at those set of images that have been taking recently.

Those red boxes are placed to exhibit the error. However, that screen shot was taken while browsing through Firefox whereas on IE you get an error page mark.

Could it be a problem within the template itself?


Amjad said...

Metic, thanks for brining this up. This error is really making my hair go white. For more than 10 days now I can't figure what's exactly wrong! :-s

It's not an error from the currently used template, because I tried changing the template & the very same thing was still there after changing the template.

Also if you noticed, this error appears only on the posts published after a certain date. So I thought maybe after awhile it will disappear itself just like how it suddenly appeared.

Anyone of the contributors or readers has any idea about this error?

ColOman said...

its been around from than 10 days??/ I thought it had to do with my PC

Solafa said...

I have been seeing the same, and i thought it was something to do with my connection!

But this error box does not show in my personal blog or any other blogs, apart of the OCB!

Meticulousness said...

If you examine it closely then you'll notice a frame. I always thought the members were actually posting photos that did not appear. However, whatever is missing is actually a link that shows you nothing. Here's the link, try to figure it out through the template. It has something to do with Google Syndication; which is more like a hits analyzer.

Blue Chi said...

The code that is messing up the page is an incomplete snippet of the Google AdSense code. If it is not part of the template itself, it could be part of a widget code that you have installed.

Unknown said...