Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Renewing the Omani Passport?


Can some one please update me with the process of renewing the Omani passport in the Immigration and Passport Royal Police Department?

I need to provide the information to some one who requires renewing their passport and they have been away from the country for sometime...

Thank you.


Meticulousness said...

You should head to their new office near by Seeb Airport. Make sure you have your old passport, two passport sized photos and 10 Omani rials as a fee.

The whole process takes less than five hours, it depends on the queue though. Hope that helps!

muscati said...

The actual renewal and issuance of a new passport is done in minutes while you wait. The tedious part is waiting for your turn to come. I'm not sure if they have evening hours in their new location in Seeb. Back when it was in Al Qurum, I had a passport issued for my son in less than half an hour including the time I spent in queue. I went in the evening and avoided the morning queues. There was no form to fill, just copies of my wife's passport and mine plus a copy of my son's birth certificate, two photos and the fee.

By the way, I think the ROP now accept payment by card including Visa Electron.

Solafa said...

Thank you all for the information.

I shall pass them to the rigth people.

But is the Seeb office the same office that we renew our ID card? Cause i been there only once last year renewing my ID card, and if it is the same then i shall direct the persons to the same place.


Meticulousness said...

Yes, it's the same office.

Solafa said...

Thank you meti for the confirmation.


Meticulousness said...

You're most welcome *smiles*

allen said...