Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bloggers meet

After a couple of posts and dozens of comments, finally, three of us made it to the Oman bloggers meeting yesterday night. Al-Maawali dropped in first, I was next, and Amjad followed suit. A couple of guys, who had promised, did not turn up. We discussed some issues on blogging in Oman, forums being more popular than blogs, etc, over some delectable cinnamon rolls and coffees.

Nonetheless, this was a new concept in this market, and I hope many will turn up for the next meets. It was nice knowing Amjad and Al-Maawali from close quarters or rather one-on-one. One surprising element though was the presence of a reporter from an English weekly. Like they say in journo parlance, his ‘nose-for-news’ trait had brought him to the meet. On the whole, it was a nice experience for me personally, and I wish we meet at regular intervals henceforth at a much quieter place next time.

Amjad, are you listening?


Amjad said...

LOL @ a quieter place! :-p. Yeah, got the message! lol.

The place was a bit crowded but what to do! Most important thing that I enjoyed the chocolate cinnamon rolls! :-p

It was really very nice meeting Kishor & al-maawali off line. I would have loved to meet other bloggers as well. I hope they make it the next meeting. Next time we should have something big, because even though this one was very small (3 bloggers & a reporter :-p lol), it was still fun & nice!

So yeah, I wonder what story will that reporter come with! :-D

Blue Chi said...

I am really sorry for not being able to make it for this meeting, I confirmed earlier that day to Amjad but stuff happened and I couldn't come. Hopefully next time!

JP said...

I was there in spirit guys... Which paper was the reporter from? I'd guess the Tribune.


Suburban said...

I suck. So sorry for not making it. An impromptu a CV workshop at my house ran a lot longer than I could have imagined possible.

Hope to see you guys at the next one.

Amjad said...

JP: TheWeek actually..

blue chi & suburban: it's really ok! :-) We will get to have other gatherings inshallah. Hope to see you next time!

allen said...