Sunday, October 7, 2007

With new buildings springing up every other day…

…it looks like safety measures are disappearing into thin air. Seen below are workers working in Ruwi without protective helmets/headgear.
A new building under construction in Ruwi.

A portion of the building zoomed-in.


muscati said...

But construction workers in Oman never wear helmets or any sort of protection. Heck, they don't even wear overalls, they just work in their regular clothes.

The only time you see a construction with proper safety gear and procedures is if it's a very large project and the owner has requested it. Often they don't even use proper scaffolding. I remember a couple years ago I wrote on my blog about an accident where a worker got hurt when the scaffolding collapsed in the building which is now the Bank Sohar head office. And that's a multi-million rial building being built by a top grade contractor!

TI3GIB said...

A helmet won't save them from a fall that high.

Best Of Luck.

Kishor Cariappa said...

I've seen workers following safety procedures around CBD/MDB areas. Maybe, like you said, small contractors hardly care for these rules.

Helmets do minimise the possibility of fatal head injuries.

Suburban said...

Up that high on rickety-ass scaffolding all a helmet will do is preserve the teeth for identification via dental records. Except I bet these guys don't get dental coverage as a job perk.

I makes me really sad to see the way we treat the labourours here, safety being only the tip of the iceberg. If there were a minister up on the sacffolding would the safety measures be the same? I think not.

ColOman said...

These people are treated like sub humans... this is really not fair

JP said...

The real problems for me are the very rickety scafolding and the total lack of anything to stop them falling.

I'll try and get a pic of a PDO crew to compare with!

A question (for Muscati maybe?) - is what's in the picture against the law of Oman, like it would be in Europe say, or are there no HSE laws to stop this? IE Maybe the only problem is if one of them falls and dies?

Kishor, can you find out who the contruction company is, and who they're building the building for?


Kishor Cariappa said...

Construction workers life is pitiable – scorching sun, low wages, near death experiences every other day …it can’t get worse.


I’ve seen how guys are working at Sohar Aluminum smelter site in Sohar. There is no scope for any error, so perfect their HSE policies are.

JP said...


The only way to improve things for these poor guys is to publicise the people who are exploiting them.

So, again, can you find out who the company is responsible for building it, and the customer?

Let's name and shame.

These companies rely on people not caring, and I don't think that's true. They are both making money for themselves at the expense of risking the lives of these workers. Just to save a few rials. If they can justify that, lets make them.

Now that might have been a better article for The Week to pick up on...


Kishor Cariappa said...

You want to remain anonymous and expect me to do all the dirty job, not fair!

Anyways, I have the name of the contractor, etc...its only that I have cropped it while posting.

Suburban said...

Nothing wrong with name and shame as long as it's just presented as facts. Kishor, you're a chicken.


JP said...


I can understand you feel under pressure to not make waves, like most NRIs.

But, man, its just a fact that these guys were doing what they were doing, and that there's a company that is reponsible for them. Its not like your leading the revolution man, or encouraging them to form a union...

May be just email one of the other bloggers the undoctored pic.

But thanks for blogging about it to start with.


I hope you're not one of those NRIs that drive at 80kph in the middle lane gripping the steering wheel for all its worth and looking resolutely ahead, repeating 'must not break the law' as you drive...

Kishor Cariappa said...

Sometimes chicken, sometimes goat :)

Lot of assumptions, that is what I like about Oman. Everyone assumes about one another without bothering to check the actual facts. Nonetheless, I wouldn't want to classify on what category of NRIs I belong to, but again you are free to assume :)

Fret not, wherever required I shall post the pictures as is.

allen said...