Monday, October 8, 2007

Are you on Facebook?

Its amazing how many people are on Facebook. I got to meet people I have not seen since my childhood.

Just wanted to know who is on facebook here? I bet everyone.


Twister said...

I'm on!

Amjad said...

Well, my story with facebook started last April I guess, and so far I'm feeling comfortable with it, actually I like it and benefited from it, unlike hi5 (porn5 as known now, lol)

After using hi5 and when it turned to a merely pornographic website, I hated the idea of social networking websites. And I said to myself, I'm never ever subscribing in a social networking website again. That happened in September '06 I guess. I stopped checking hi5 but didn't deactivate my account. After leaving hi5, my friends were trying to convince me to join facebook and they were telling me how different it is than hi5 and stuff.. I never listened to them and ignored ALL the invitations I used to get on a DAILY basis to join facebook. Then in April '07 when I found out that everyone was using facebook and going crazy about it and telling how far different it is than hi5, I decided to join facebook and create myself an account. The first couple of weeks I started using facebook, I didn't find it any special. However, the good thing was that nearly ALL of those whom I know had accounts on facebook. And because of that, I got to find some of my friends who used to study with me in primary school and left the country and I've lost contact with ever since then. It was really nice meeting those friends again and through facebook.

Also the 2nd thing I'm using facebook for is contacting my friends. Nowadays, most of my friends check their facebook accounts more often than checking their e-mails. so if I want to contact one of them through e-mail, I send him/her a message through facebook instead, because then I would get a faster response and on facebook they will surely check the message, but if I sent them a message via e-mail they might not check it at all or check it after ages!

Kay said...

I use it and its a good way to kill time and not work on assignments ; -)

allen said...