Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bloggers meet coverage on ‘The Week’

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For me, “turn-out poor” in the headline is a bit harsh. Nobody claimed 50 bloggers would attend the meet!


Amjad said...

"turn-out poor"?! .. very interesting! :-s

Balqis said...

What is the name of the genius who wrote this Pulitzer piece ?

JP said...

Guys, wow. Real fame. Amjad, you'll now be stalked by 20,000 love-struck 13 yr olds! And who's the cute white chick?

It's a pity you didn't get a plug for the community blog!

Seriously, keep it up.


Kishor Cariappa said...

Maybe 'The Week' considers bloggers as their rivals :P

White chick is a general pic..not connected to meet...published as a strategy to attract more male bloggers next time :D

Kishor Cariappa said...

How come you missed on this one? ;)

Balqis said...

No way I will write one of my "Dear our correspondent "
His brain not worth
If he was there, somebody called him which is very superficial because it makes no sense at a first meeting
He wrote what he grabbed from this meeting, which is fair

Balqis said...

Maybe 'The Week' considers bloggers as their rivals :P
Quite worrying cause my writings have far more quality than that thing

Amjad said...

by the way, the article says:

"The two agree that the latest online craze to sweep Muscat is open to abuse with potential for loose cannons to fire at will. But it's also helping to undermine the censorship which adversely affects mainstream media"


by saying the two, I assume he meant me & al-maawali since he started the article with mentioning our names. Personally, I don't remember discussing ANYTHING like what said above with the reporter! :-s

JP said...


Yeah, I missed that - its a strange comment. I can read many things into it, especially now you say it was actually a made up quote.

Is it a plug to liberalise the print media, or to shut down you dangerous, unregulated bloggers?

What is the regulation any way?


Anonymous said...

they always make up alot of stuff

allen said...