Sunday, July 29, 2007

An Apology...

It is extraordinarily rare that I get an email these days that is not spam or a forward and I guess it just happens to be my luck that when I do get one, it’s someone finding my post offensive.

In this post I will attempt to respond to the allegations made in the aforementioned e-mail and hopefully clarify a few points made in my earlier post.

1. “Are you people trying to make fun of my blog?”

Yes, we are an organized underground group of evil, dark, satanic leprechauns devised simply for the sole purpose of shaming you into obscurity through the use of sarcasm and other dark satanic rituals.

2. “I don't think you can compare between the both blogs. I'm the only poster in my blog while you have many”

I just don’t see in which way the number of posters in a blog has anything to with the quality that a blog offers its readers. If you’re unfamiliar with the subject matter it’s suffice to say that you shouldn’t be talking about it.

3. “do you think saying every article I write ends up with a link to newspaper which means I copy paste stuff?”

You know, I apologize. My earlier post was hastily written and I am pretty sure you have all noticed that so I will go ahead and review the blog, one post at a time (The number before each comment is the post it refers to, starting from the first post up until his latest post for a total of 5)

1. A welcoming post, nothing copied off the internet here. He’s just saying hi to all of his reader and claiming he’s just decided to start blogging, while in the letter he’s mentioned that it’s been his desire for quite some time and hadn’t started for a bunch of reasons that were vague but what I’ve gauged is that it had something to do with OCB and him wishing to join the team.

2. Alright, here is where things get a little interesting. While I can’t claim that he stole this information because all he did was provide us with names of the three leading members of the Bahwan family and the name of each of three’s companies and annual turnover. How he came across this information eludes me but I believe it was simply copied off the companies site, which I haven’t bothered reading or checking out.

3. Photo’s of the Cornish located in the Mutrah area, he clearly mentions all photos are not his and that he has permission to use them. Clearly, nothing that wasn’t his was used.

4. Information about the Salalah Spring Festival or lack of it. Simply put, it’s a bunch of photos by Allan Rignall and a link to his site. It also includes a link to the official site of the Salalah Festival. It also includes excerpts and links from two different articles and a link to more images from the Travel Journal site. Of course all of this is very original.

5. Now here, I was astonished! This was a post with effort put into it! He managed to take an article in Arabic and translate it. With mistakes, this is probably a hint at originality or genius.

4. “I'm new in this blogging thing and I think you should support me other than attacking me at the end we are all trying to improve blogging in Oman, nothing else or more.”

Alright since you’re new at this stuff here’s a bit of advice: Get some original material and focus on something you’re familiar with, so you can actually write some original articles about it. Or just go the route of every member here and open a personal blog, because it’s really not so much as what you write as how well you write it.

5. “ I would be glad if you deleted that post and its comments”

I’m just wondering what happened to free speech. Obviously someone doesn’t believe in it.

Now, just a word to anyone else who wishes to file complaints against my posts, I advise you to direct all your complaints about my posts to me directly and to try and make a strong argument as to why my post is offending.


Abdullah Al-Bahrani said...

Yes, you are entitled to your own opinion, and I see nothing wrong with you voicing your belief.
I do however ask if blogs are supposed to fit a standard format? Could they not just be links, or information referring to other websites? As long as credit is given where it’s due, I don’t see a problem with that format. Additionally, he states that he is a novice blogger, Im sure with time and support his writing will grow.
I wish him luck.

Abdullah Ali said...

I support weirdgoat in giving his own opinions which ever way he wants. Since he is a member in his blog, he should be able to say Whatever.
As to the bloggers offended by his comments, take it or leave it!
Try and learn something and take criticism as a good thing. Atleast you are getting recognition.

weirdgoat said...

Per your request,
I agree with the fact that blogs are not supposed to fit a standardized format, or else reading blogs would become a monotonous chore, boring everyone who reads them. But since he did mention that the only reason he opened his blog was to join OCB in the future, it would be in his own best interest to feature some original content so as for him to be taken into consideration.

Thank you, most people take criticism as a personal attack and there's really not much that could be done about it.

Unknown said...

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