Friday, July 6, 2007

Irresponsible Teenagers

Yesterday night I was at Sarooj area and witnessed this behavior from an irresponsible teenager and thought of sharing it here on the blog.

First off, I'm really so sorry for the bad quality of the picture. It's taken with my mobile phone and it's not very clear plus I assume that you still couldn't realize what's wrong with the picture. The picture shows a teenager on the other part of the highway [Sultan Qaboos Highway]. Imagine, this guy was standing on the side of the road where I took the picture from, and he ran crossing the highway. Yes, he DID cross the highway although there is a walkers path just in the same spot and it is even shown in the picture. I made sure I show this path/bridge in the picture and I can't believe he really did that! When I first saw him running and trying to cross the highway, I thought he was not serious at all. Because the walkers path is right in front of him, why the hell would he prefer to risk his life than using the path? Another guy was with him, but when his friend crossed the road he kind of frightened and decided to use the path. So they're two friends; one is irresponsible and crossed the highway instead of using the walkers path, and the other one is responsible and used the path.

As I told you, I thought he was not serious when I first saw him running to cross the road, and just when he crossed and reached the other part of the road, I thought of taking a picture. But unfortunately I took the picture when he already reached the other part of the road. I was not lucky enough to take a decent picture.

Those irresponsible teenagers never learn from each other's mistakes. Last April, a teenager whom didn't complete 15 years old passed away in this very same location, but not on the main road, on the subsidiary road at this location. He was crossing the subsidiary road and a car hit him and he immediately passed away. I'm pretty sure every single teenager in Muscat heard of that incident. The guy who passed away was in my school and his accident left an impact on every single person in the school; students, teachers, workers, principle and even the owners of the school. That guy passed away when he was crossing a subsidiary road, and this irresponsible guy I saw yesterday was not afraid to be hit by a car on the MAIN ROAD? And no, the main road was not empty as seen in the picture [again not lucky to take a decent picture].. There were some cars flying and he still decided to cross the main road.

Seeing this is really sad. May God guide those irresponsible teenagers to the right path.


Twister said...

Such behaviour is all over the place...even here in Australia, there's a major three-lane road behind the Monash University halls of residence where I live...and although they have installed a system where waiting pedestrians can request prioritise the closing of signals so that they can cross the road, many people simply dont bother...they prefer running across the road...

Anonymous said...


It's just darwin's survival of the fittest in action. Let the dumb ones remove themselves from the gene pool.

Solafa said...

With all honesty if I will really look into this with an Engineer’s eye, then I will say that the fault lies on the teenagers who are so ignorant and risk takers, plus criticising the Safety Department who their job is to main the public safety and give priorities to design better routs of crossing main roads/highways.

The truth I did discuss this with my sister and I was always negative about this over head crossings. It does not serve any good to any one, not to a normal healthy pedestrians and not to a disabled person who had the right to cross the roads the same as any one else.

The Safety Department should really look into providing better safety services for people, and try to introduce different measures and line to serve the public and at the same time to maintain the safety of the pedestrians AND the drivers.