Monday, July 2, 2007

Car shopping in Muscat with an Autoholic; Part One

Hi. My name is Suburban, and I'm an Autoholic.

I've been an Autoholic for ten years now, owning no fewer than 25 different cars over the course of my addiction. I now realise my Autoholisim hurts those around me, and makes it difficult for me to relate to people who don't want to talk about cars. My autohaulisim has forced my husband to invest thousands of rials in barely running, obscure, and totally impractical vehicles, just to feed my addiction. My family and friends have appealed to me, and staged interventions, going so far as to offer to chip in and buy me a minivan or Toyota Prado if I can get clean. But to no avail, because until last night I wasn't ready to admit that I had a problem.

I have a problem and I am ready to acknowledge it so I can move forward and purchase a sensible car. A car younger than me. A car with less than 450,000 kms on the clock. A car that has air conditioning, starts most of the time, and can be serviced by the dealer using parts available in the region. Because I pretty much have to get my spares from NASA at the moment, and shuttle control is sick and tired of my calling them in the middle of a re-entry or launch.

I ask you to come support me in my twice weekly journey to various car dealerships in the Sultanate, and to help me avoid temptation as I adjust to my new life. You will benefit from inside knowledge and reviews of pricing, inventory and service at the big dealerships and the small dealerships. Thank you in advance for your support and encouragement.



Blue Chi said...

They should open up a Autoholic Anonymous here in Oman just for you Suburban! :P

Suburban said...

Tell me about it! My husband weeps at the thought of having to go through the horror of buying another car with me.

I'm open to suggestions if anyone knows of any really cool cars that I need to test drive and then review. In the name of reserch of course. Because a test drive isn't buying a car, the same way that one beer doesn't really count as drinking. Right? Right?

Modee said...

try the new ugly land cruiser!

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Great post Suburban... and funny! :P

I will sponsor you, do you take cheques? ;o)

Solafa said...


LOL,What a self confession! :D

Although it is a serious matter but was funny the way you are trying to tolerate this issue…

Unfortunately I am not the right one to help you in here, but I can still support you… :)

muscati said...

I've been driving the same car for 9 years and will probably be still driving it a year from now. Everytime I think it's time to buy a new car, I find something more worthy to spend money on. At this pace, I'm never gonna get around to buying a car.

What's the secret? Help me!

Suburban said...

Modee, Maybe I will try the new landcruiser, but it's so sort of... lame. stay tuned.

Sleepless, Addicts prefer cash. Hook a girl up ;)

Solafa, Thanks for the moral support, You can veto impractical choices later on.

Muscati, the key is to buy something at least 15 years old that is sexy, unique, and just needs some love. You can convince your spouse that it's a good expedeature because compared to a new one, it's a bargain. Then when a part breaks, you replace it with something better. Example: Exhaust manifold breaks replace it with straight hedman headers, and a free flow stainless exhaust.

Or, you can do what I did with my beloved Abu Shenab. Pay way too much for it up the farthest corner of some wadi. Bring it home and spend two years and all your money restoring it, the whole time telling yourself that you can sell it overseas for ten of thousands.

Which we could do, theoretically, if I didn't intend to be buried in it when I die.

It's a little bit like boiling a frog, you just turn the heat up reeeeeeal slow and the frog never jumps out of the pan.


Suburban said...

And one more thing, where are your posts guys?



hnd said...

- That new Land Cruiser looks more a Pajero from the side!

hnd said...

and they also say it could be be 225kgs heavier, as if it isn't heavy enough already.

sensation said...

Quite an entertaining post indeed! :D

I didn't know that Autoholics have this charming, breath taking style of writing! Long live Autoholics! :D :p

You must have a hell of an experience! We should all make use of that around here ;) :D