Thursday, July 12, 2007

The New Guy

Do I give this place a flavor or what? Well, nobody would know anyhow...I love lame jokes, and that's probably the first thing you noticed about this post.
Anyhow, so I guess, from the way I saw some other posts on this pretty cool blog, that I have to introduce myself...
Threadlike...15 years on the planet, that's almost 473 million seconds. Anyhow...I've been in Oman since I was about 11. It's been a hell of a ride, I guess. It's been one hell of an experience to live an entire year in here then go back to my home country for the summer, for every year since 11. Yes, I have a 'home country', Egypt. Okay okay, you can stop reading now...I understand the impression many 'natives' get on Egyptians is either disgust, empathy or simply; we make you laugh the crap out of yourself with the trademark accent.

But I've grown around Omanis, and for some reason or the other, albeit the huge teasing I got from my fourth-grade 'colleagues', I think that I love this country so much. So much it feels like...I really am a half-Omani and half-Egyptian. I don't like the pyramids by the way. I think they're quite overrated. My discussions are very boring, I really am a bit close-minded and I can get offensive sometimes...Some say it's the Scorpio thing. I think it's just stupid to believe there IS something as Scorpio, Virgo, Gayo or whatever the hell they like to call it these days. I'm waiting for that golden day where I'd open the paper and look at the horoscope to see 'Scorpio' going: 'You gonna die!'.

The rule is three paragraphs at the least.
But who cares for the rules. This wasn't a very nice 'curtains-up' I guess, but you can always blame the insomnia. You know you're an insomniac when you repeat yourself. You know you're an insomniac when you repeat yourself. You know you're an insomniac...Dammit.

That was a Robin Williams joke by the way, but since I'm not alcholic
God bless.


Solafa said...

LOL at you Threadlike, typical Masari ;) [Just a joke].

Well, welcome aboard and it is really nice to have you in here, at least to share your thoughts and views about your stay in the past 4 years of your life. It must have been a big move for you to come to Oman and having to adopt with a different life style at that age...

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Welcome to the blog Threadlike.

Hope to see you post more about what your perspective as a resident in Oman is.

Unknown said...