Tuesday, July 10, 2007

We are Oman

Due to the fact that I did not partake in the initial development phase of this blog, the idea of a joint Omani blog seemed like a reasonable idea. However, as more contributors joined the effort I began to see that this is more than talking about Oman, its sharing ideas, views and experiences. The latter of those is what makes it interesting, because just like this blog, Omanis in general are diverse and their experiences are assorted. It will be interesting to have a single blog that will show how our views differ in regards to “Omani” Topics.

My views come to you from across the world, usually in the form of a proud Omani looking at the developments and change from far away. For the past 13 years I have lived in the United States, mostly in Kentucky but in DC and Los Angeles for a short while. Currently, I am in pursuit of a PhD in Economics at the University of Kentucky and therefore will be here for at least another 4 years.

I look forward to the information provided here. If you have ever lived out of Oman you will know that local news and information are hard to come across. I hope that this becomes a venue that serves as an introduction to the dynamic life of Oman, where old coexists with the new.


Suburban said...

Welcome aboard Bud. It'll be interesting to have your outside / inside perspective here.

Abdullah Al-Bahrani said...

Thanks suburban. btw, have you thought about being a stand up comic, your sense of humor on your blog is just hilarious.

sensation said...

Welcome professor :D
I agree with suburban! It would be just great to have you around :)

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Welcome to the blog Per Your Request.

At last, we have a great mind on the blog - lol :P

Just kidding everyone..

Twister said...

I hope to get the perspective of a south asian, brought up in oman and living in australia...talk of diversity eh?

Anonymous said...

Thanks mate! I like your blog a lot as well, though I'm far too daft to make much sense of the Economics stuff.

As far as a second career as a comedian is concerned; I'm rather fearfull of public speaking. I would get on stage and wet my pants in terror.

Which would be funny, but not the kind of funny people would be expecting.

Solafa said...

Welcome aboard, and indeed this blog should be completely different than the others. We are not here to talk about the geography or history of Oman, but we are here to share the actual steam of Oman via its people.

Unknown said...