Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Questions Are The Answers

What’s a community blog? Is it a place for the contributors to rant about their daily lives? Or is it a place to discuss the latest news and activities in town? Or maybe it’s just another mean through which the contributors can market their own blogs?

Well, almost each and every contributor has his/her own blog, what for do we need a community blog? Ain’t we all special and “unique” in our own ways? (at least that’s what our mamas’ say!) Wouldn’t a community blog melt down our “uniqueness”? But, don’t you think that the content of the community blog would be so rich and satisfy all the various tastes? People/readers have different tastes, no? Can you picture how entertaining a discussion will be once every contributor chips in and view the topic from a certain angle? Or how a piece of news about OMAN might be useful to a person abroad?

I am currently doing a bachelor in Mechtronics Engineering in Oman. Sensation(my nickname) is enjoying the sunny weather in the sultanate and having a special interest in reading about business, tourism and learning languages. On the other hand I am running a blog titled Going Banana!

(Note: the blog is not listed in the blog roll)


Amjad said...

Welcome aboard, sensation! =)

sensation said...

Thank you Amjad! :D
You are my role model in the blogging world! hahahahaaaa!!

You are a blogholic which is a nice quality! :P :)

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Hint taken!

My apologies!

You should find it in the blogroll after I post this comment.

Cheers and welcome to the blog.

sensation said...


Thank you sleepless :D

and thank you one more time for welcoming me in :)

Anonymous said...

Loved your introduction dude :p

sensation said...

Thank you, sir! :)

Solafa said...

Welcome aboard, and indeed this blog should be completely different than the others. We are not here to talk about the geography or history of Oman, but we are here to share the actual steam of Oman via its people.

Unknown said...