Friday, July 27, 2007

I hate Shatti cinema

I'd love to have started this post with "can someone please talk to the geniuses who run Shatti cinema..." Unfortunately, I actually know them and have spoken to them many times and it's an exercise in futility. As far as these guys are concerned they are the only people in Oman who know how to professionally manage cinemas, and as proof they'll repeatedly tell you how they started the first cinema in Oman and how they've been in this business almost 40 years. According to their market acumen animated movies are only for kids and therefore should only be shown in the daytime. Therefore, The Simpsons Movie, which is actually rated PG-13, is only being shown during the day. Working adults have to find a way to see it during the weekend because otherwise they will not have a chance again to see it till the next weekend. And that's only if it actually plays for another week. And as most of you know, since Shatti Cinema only has three screens they can't afford to keep movies playing more than a week or two or else they can't show new movies.

Meanwhile, the latest piece of sh!t movie by Jean-Claude Van Dammit is actually showing prominently on Shatti Cinema's screens making Oman one of the last countries in the world where his movies actually get shown on movie screens.

Go figure.


sensation said...

If you haven't started this thread, I would done so! lool!

I was thinking of same thing! I was wondering how these guys run (ruine) this cinema!! :s

I have been waiting for "The Simpsons Movie" as well. I was really frustrated to see that all their shows are set during the day! That's how I ended up going to watch it on Thursday at 1.30pm! I really think it's silly to think that "only" kids watch cartoons!

Regarding the MPAA ratings, I don't think people here know/care about them! As long as it's a cartoon, everybody will bring their kids to watch it! Even if they are under 18, basically 5 - 10 years old! :s

And I do agree that "Until Death" is a waste of time. Actually I have had it since a long time! I really don't see the point of allocating 2/3 shows for it in the night!

I think the entire management of the cinema needs to be replaced. Young blood with a decent taste in selecting movies.

Amjad said...

Unfortunately, the timings of the latest movies been shown in Shatti Plaza in the past few weeks, do not suit my time and because of that I missed more than one movie I was interested in.

When Transformers released, they showed it for only one week then removed it, while Die Hard was still there although it was shown a week before Transofmers. Y3ni Die Hard stayed two weeks and Transformers stayed only one week. That's really stupid. And now I can't watch The Simpsons Movie because of their timings.

TI3GIB said...

I can't tell you how much I'm dying from the inside wanting to scream out how much this Shatti crap is over-rated.

Sadly, can't do that. There really isn't a real alternative. That alone is quite weird, the 'public' has grown to really like going for movies and it's rare to go to a weekend show without finding shows completely sold out.

I still can't believe no one wants to go into that business.

muscati said...

I'd choose Ruwi Cinema over Shatti, if it weren't for the location. More screens mean more movies. They have more convenient movie timings and a much better sound system in their screens. Unfortunately, their theaters are smaller than Shattis and their concession stand has less choices than Shatti, which isn't an issue for me since I only buy water but apparently it matters to most people.

Shatti Cinema has had a problem in their sound system in their main screen for three years now and they refuse to admit and get it fixed. The sound keeps cutting off and the surround goes off.

Abdullah Ali said...

I totelly agree with you'll about the timings. "Crap" is the only word to describe it. I think this is the perfect time for city centre to go into this buisness. oh that would be so sweet.

Unknown said...