Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bloggers meeting (update)

This post is an update to my previous post about the Bloggers meeting. Since we agreed on the venue & timing of the meeting, here are the details & confirmation.

Venue: Cinnzeo Café - Al-Massa Mall
Date: October the 3rd, Wednesday
Time: 9.00pm to 11.00pm

Every blogger out there is more than welcome to attend the gathering. Hope to see as many bloggers as possible! :-)


JP said...

I'd make sure to invite Internal Security too, just in case a 'Bahraini action' is called for in the future...


Seriously, just be careful chaps...! Who knows what the future may hold? Blogging is the only free press Oman has.

I'll be with you in spirit. You have the makings of a great blog. To your grandchildren you'll be pioneers. Apologies for being a paranoid conspiracy freak sometimes.


Anonymous said...

^ lol they'll be discussing ' the problems bloggers face in Oman ' like they're all important people lol

nzm said...

A few of us have gotten together from the UAE Community Blog from time to time.

We have great fun and discuss everything and anything - mostly it's about getting to know each other.

I've made great friends with people whom I otherwise would never have met if it hadn't been through the blogger meets. Like all meetings, you soon get to know who you're going to see again as you find people within the group who share the same ideals as you and who you get along with.

Don't knock it until you've tried it - it all has to start somewhere. And don't knock those who are trying to make it happen - it's incredibly hard to organise something like this which will suit the majority - just look at the comments on the post where the blogger meeting was first mentioned!

Go with open minds and hearts, and you might be surprised at the result!

And most of all, have fun!

frank said...

Anonymous, you must be another chicken sitting on eggs at home afraid to be seen in public. Pathetic

muscati said...

Unfortunately it turns out that I'm invited tomorrow to a "Ramadhan dinner" at 9pm which I didn't even know about till today. I was looking forward to meeting up with other bloggers. I guess I'm gonna have to sit out this one.

Amjad said...

muscati: That's really bad. Hope to get to meet you another time inshallah.

weirdgoat said...

I dunno.. I guess I'll make it, not much of an active blogger anymore though.

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