Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Qurum beach is suffering

After a longtime, I went to Qurum beach last Friday only to find the place had lost most of its pristine glory at the hands of the devastating cyclone, Gonu. There are the usual crowds, children playing, families chit chatting, but you get a feeling that something, somewhere, is amiss. I shall let the pictures to talk for themselves.
The damaged main road. A small rivulet around the vicinity is making the re-building process tougher I guess.

Families enjoying their weekend.

The beach is littered with small stones and pebbles making it uncomfortable to walk.

This is how the Qurum beach looked in August 2006.


Kay said...

What exactly are they waiting for ? Why isn't the road being fixed?

muscati said...

It is being fixed. They've put out the tender and should be choosing a contractor soon. It's a big job. The road's been redesigned with the addition of two bridges.

Kishor Cariappa said...

By the looks of it, the roads might not be ready for next two months.

JP said...

Nature will resore the sand in time guys, or the Municipality could truck in A LOT of the stuff from somewhere else. The sand hasn't 'gone' - its just moved deeper out. Some moderate sized swell waves with the tide in the right direction will bring it all back, and potentially very quickly.

Be patient!

Now, if only someone would build a nice cocktail bar, with a big balcony overlooking the beach, preferably with some jazz and sushi snacks... Hmmmm

allen said...