Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Childhood School Trips and Visits

I have published some of my childhood experience when I was still in Oman in my previous post; it was about Parks that I used to visit and some play centres that don’t exist any more. This time I will go back to how school visits and trips were arranged and where or which destination our trips used to be planned for.

In all schools that I have been to always planned nice visits or day trips to places that are considered to be useful and combines fun, enjoyments and education all in one. Our trips used to consists of us the pupils, the head-teacher and some teachers who didn’t mind take the responsibility of taking care of students and check on them all the time.

Our trips were divided into indoors and outdoors trips and sometimes a combination of both depending on where we went. Some schools didn’t mind us to bring along a relative with us in many cases only one was allowed and in they would prefer a student so they could benefit from the trips the same as us.

Indoor trips:

Visiting Museums and Exhibitions, they took place within the school hours for an hour or two and then go back to school.

The Science Museum (aka = Mot-haf Al-Tefyl): This museum had a big reputation when was launched over 15 years ago. It had a good number of visitors visiting it every single day, well this was to my knowledge at them days. We had the chance to visit it and it was awesome. We had the chance to try things in there such as the gravity experiment, the magnetic force, the current flow, the generating of energy, the solar system group, the Galaxy group…etc. at them days you will hear every one talking about it and everyone will make a big effort to try to get a chance to visit it or at least to have a glance. Again it was one of the things that every one of us would feel proud to have visited the place and it’s like it adds a credit in our list of “Where we have been!” again just another thing that our generation used to think in that way.

The Historic Natural Museum (aka = Mot-haf Al-Tareekh Al-Tabeey’e): This museum was and still is a place that attracts everyone despite their age. This place is about the flora and fauna that lived and still lives in Oman and their historic approach and changes within the years. Every time I visited this place makes me feel that I am visiting it for the first time; its just that it is so amazing that you can never feel bored to go around it as many times as you can. There was always an addition to the collection whenever I’ve been there. One of the most breaths taken things is the bone structure of the giant wheal, sea creature’s fossils, old plant and animal’s fossils that lived in the Omani sea and land over thousands of years ago. There are as well as numbed wild animals, insects and reptiles.

The Historic Omani Museum (aka = Mot-haf Al-Tareekh Al-Omani): This museum really takes you back to the old Oman and the current. If you ever wanted to know more or wondered about the Omani history including how did the Omanies ruled and managed to include Eastern coast lines of Africa and the Southern coast lines of near Asia to its empire then this museum is the best place to discover about all the events and the outcomes. Also this museum presents the old Omani life style that the Omanies adopted in the old days in relation to traditional clothing, house decorations, habits and attitudes especially when it came to hospitality. It also brings the secrecy of the handy crafts business in Oman and how big impacts it used to have on the economic including importing and exporting things from and to the world via the sea trade and the land trade.

The Book Exhibition was the most approached exhibition of the year by and always attracted every one from various age. Although it used to run for a whole week but was always packed! The exhibition presented all sorts of books, cassettes, CD’s, charts, posters, journals…etc despite the categorization of the books. Any thing that can be thought of or wanted can be found in these exhibitions. Plus they used to be cheap to buy books from such event. I used to save up a lot and my mother always encouraged us to read more books, so she did not have much restriction to how much I wanted to spend in buying books.

Outdoor trips:

Visiting Forts: These types of trips were always the best, because you get to hang out with your friends and classmates for a whole day out of the classroom restriction. Plus your teachers will be your friends and not the horrible teachers, not that they are always horrible but some tend to be serious in the class room and when they are in these trips they come out of their shell and appear in their norm.

The reason that they are done out of the school days and most of the time take place over the weekend, is that it takes a bit of the time to get to where we want to go and also it is always nice to take our time to discover and observe and learn rather than rushing up and to roam around and not getting the chance to learn a thing.

It always great had to visit places and forts where battles had taken place or where they used to be houses for people and you could still see some remarks and evidences left behind them. Though in some moments they used to be spooky places to be in, especially if you were left behind by your group or some one decides to play some naughty tricks on you.

We always combined our fort visits with other activities such as having lunch by the beach, or in the parks, or visiting the hot water or spring water spots/location and we land there for some lunch and then continue with our visits to other forts.

Some examples of forts/ locations that I have visited in the past are Barka,Nakhal, Rustaq, Sohar, Nizwa, Saham and Muscat [ The Twin Forts]. Some examples of hot water/ spring water are Al-Kasfa and Al-Thawara.

One time we were taken to Widam Al-Sahel and it’s where the Marine headquarter of the navy force is based. It was the most enjoyable trip I ever had and was full of learning. We learnt a lot about our navy force and how things do work, especially with the missiles and the sub-marines. The Navigators or the navies made us proud to be Omanies and the effort that is taken on board to protect the country and represents Oman to the world as a great force to our country.

Nakhal Fort

Barka Fort

Nizwa Fort

Rustaq Fort

Ayen Al-Kasfah

Ayen Al-Thwara

Has any one visited the above places? What did you think of them?

If you’ve been to more places can you please list them down and tell us what you thought about such trips?


Anonymous said...

haha the hot air balloon at childrens museum was the BEST
are they open after gonu???

Arabian Princess said...

I loved the child musuem and I think it was a great initiative .. however, I dont know how good it is now? I think it needs to be activated with new stuff and activities!

great post :)

Solafa said...

okik: i agree with you, the hot ballon was something to experiance...very nice.

I dont know if they are open after Guno, as i am not in the country to know that, but i guess you can ask around and you will be informed for sure.

When you do know any thing about it, please let us know...

As i am planning to visit again, when am next in the country.


Solafa said...

arabian princess: I guess every one loved when it first launched, as it was something new for us and it was aiming on all generation to earn knowledge...

Once you know any update about it status, can you please let us know, as it will be useful for every one of us to know how it is handled now...

As i said, am considereing visiting it next time am in the country, and the truth i don't want to get dissapointed! :s

thanks dear, am glad that you liked the post :)

Unknown said...

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