Saturday, September 8, 2007

Nawras gets recognition for excellent service

From Times of Oman newspaper:

"... Nawras has bagged the prestigious Middle East Mobile Operator of the Year award at the CommsMEA Awards 2007 in Dubai recently.


Nawras was chosen out of 40 mobile operators from across the Middle East and Africa by a team of specialists and experts who judged the service providers on various parameters. Nawras was applauded for enriching the lives of people in Oman through better communication and at the same time being a catalyst for mobile growth, with the rapid development of its market share being one of the fastest recorded by any mobile operator in the entire Middle East... "

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To be honest, I have no single idea about Nawras services and network, because simply I'm not a Nawras subscriber. However, I can tell that Nawras is doing pretty well because all of those whom I know using Nawras are quite happy with their provider. Having a Telecommunication company in Oman getting this recognition is something great I suppose. Maybe I will switch to Nawras soon! :-p


muscati said...

I still haven't seen a single reason to shift to Nawras. Omantel sucks when it comes to internet, but when it comes to mobile phones what exactly does Nawras offer that Oman Mobile doesn't?

Anonymous said...

better customer service
accurate online expense tracking
cheaper roaming rates

TI3GIB said...

Try ..

functional network. September 12th (No Network)

Suburban said...

Better customer service. hands down.

Anonymous said...

Well at least Nawras's support staff would treat me like a human being ..

Anonymous said...

puuuuuuuh, ok guys honestly i found this blog after a google search on "omantel sucks". Well i got to the blogg and it took me a hell of a time to get registered in google, blogspot, bloggens or whatever those website call themselves that requires u to sign up to be able to comment. So i did and im finally here.

Now the main reason i searched for "omantel sucks" is because they REALLY DO suck. OmanTEL is the worst ISP (Internet Service Provider), phone company ever.
Not to mention their Customer Support agets that don't know SHIT!. The only question you could ask is how much does THIS and THAT cost, and they tell you to hold while they lookup the prices on the net = they don't even remember the prices of the very few services they actually provide. People that wan't specific or tecniqal questions on services needs to lookup it up themselves. They can't speak English, why even have special agents that is supposed to help English speaking customers? They only make it harder and more confusing than it allready is. Enough said about the Customer Support.

Some facts about OmanTEL.
Now let's first face OmanTEL Internet Services and see what they offers you. I'll write the prices if finally got from their support people after calling them about 10 times and then try to collect all answers to one. I eaven spoke with the supervisor :S Their off the wall dudes. Check this prices out if you would like to start useing internet:

Dial-UP connection
10 OMR installation charge for landline
6 OMR yearly charge for landline being able to connect to net
10 OMR installation charge for internet service
6/10 OMR pre-paid card that gives u 20/41 hours.

This is all about 32 OMR just the first month for 20 hourse of internet use!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's like 310 DHS. Just visit a net cafe, pay 6 OMR and u got those 20 hours redy to use on at least 1 mbit connection. OmenTEL will give u 52 kbit, that's like 5 kb/s downstream. hehehe :D awful. Let's check out the ADSL if it's any better.

10 OMR installation charge for landline
6 OMR yearly charge for landline being able to connect to net
10 OMR installation charge for internet service
about 350 OMR router to be able to connect
12 monthly charge for the lowest speed 512 kbit=62 kb/s.
1 OMR / GB. Limit 39 OMR.

Now everyone uses some GB per month, let's just say u used 10 GBS that month ok.
This would result you paying 84 OMR (820 DHS) the very first month!! How about that fellas? 820 DHS for a shitty internet speed like that? Don't even consider buying faster speed. The 8 mbit speed cost you 99 OMR each month WITHOUT all the other charges.
I actually sent them a mail and complained bout their bad service and even worse, their webb filter tht won't allow you to use hacking or pornogrphic websites. Now this filte work like shit and blocks almost every webpage ono the internet, including joke websites, metcafe and other websites. THAT ladies and gentlemans, is, a fu__ed up ISP.

Now let's finnish this, i don't want to get deaper, tht just keeps making me more angry.
OmanTEL is useless when it comes to Internet Services. Their mobile network works like every other mobile network should do. I won't give then any point here.
Don't ever consider having OmnTEL as your ISP for home or business. Do like me, use a laptop and steal network from other stupid OmanTEL users :). U'll gett atleast 40kb/s which is quite enough if you don't want to download large files and stuff. I WARNED YOU! Made by amatures --> for amatures.

Regarding the nawras network i must say the oppisite. NAWRAS FU__ING RULES!!! Now i have a swedish phone card and and my mobile network provider happen to only corporate with Nawras in Oman. OmanTEL ws an choise, but NO. No i don't know who's bigger and wsho's whatever but i am a very happy customer of nawras and i would stay een if it would cost me more than with OmanTEL. Just to bad im moving outside Oman. Probably i need to change mobile provider. Etisalat may be my new provider :) . we'll se.

Final words:
OmanTEL sucks in all ways
Nawras is better
Bigger ain't always greater!

Regards / Wisam

Unknown said...