Thursday, September 6, 2007

Flavours comes to CBD

Flavours, the 24 hour "multi cuisine" restaurant, has opened a second branch in the CBD area. Flavours' new location is right next to Supa Save, on the corner opposing HSBC and the Ruwi post office. This location most recently had a Thai restaurant which went out of business in less than one year and prior to that had a restaurant called The Arabic Oven.

While the CBD is Muscat's financial district, home to the head offices of most of Oman's big banks as well as the Central Bank of Oman, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Oman Chamber of Commerce, and the Muscat Securities Market, it is not exactly a hotspot for restaurants and cafes. In fact most restaurants here go out of business. Even fast food. The last attempt to open a fast food franchise here was Subway which closed down 4 years ago. This is pure shawerma and rolled Arabic bread sandwich territory. And once the bankers and business people go home in the evening the area becomes depressingly quiet and deserted at night.

I haven't eaten at Flavours so I can't pass judgement. Read Amjad's review
on the Omani Cuisine blog.

By the way are you aware that Muscat Municipality has recently renamed CBD to Hay Al Souqe?


Solafa said...

Well, this is something i never understood with the Businessmen= approaches.

You can go with a project unless you are sure that it will gain something back for you and with reasonable profit.

But people sometimes they liek to take the risk, though they are well aware of the lose that is waiting for them...

Any way i shall, say GOOD LUCK to them, but sure i am not there to contribute to their profit. :)

Amjad said...

I guess Flavours will succeed in that area. However, their 24hrs service won't help in that area because as you said, muscati, the area becomes quiet in evenings.

With the pretty good service, food and prices of Flavours, I guess most of the bankers and people who work in that area will prefer having their lunch at Flavours.

Kay said...

They could always just close after 6 or 7 pm and cut costs on having to operate in the evening when there aren't any customers. Unless the whole 24 hour thing is what their business operates in and they consider as their business niche.

Unknown said...

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