Monday, September 17, 2007

Qalhat LNG clinches ‘Energy Company of the Year Award!

Qalhat LNG has yet again snatched in front of the world energy giants a magnificent international accolade of ‘Energy Company of the Year 2006’ at the highly acclaimed Petroleum Economist Awards conference in London recently. This prestigious award recognizes world energy organizations that have made significant contribution to the industry through demonstrable improvements and successes in multiple areas. These successes, driven by long-term vision and strategic planning, include expansion into new revenue-generating areas and overcoming challenges to maintain excellence and security and well-being of employees.

hmm thats impressive! so do you think we deserve such an award?

sours Oman Daily


muscati said...

Toxic_Honey- you linked directly to the pic on the Oman Observer website and today the pic changed to today's headline. I'm sorry but I'm gonna delete it because it no longer fits. In the future please save the picture and attach it instead of linking it.

Toxic_Honey said...

oh i didnt know about that :s

thanks anyway

Anonymous said...

Thanks I was trying to get info on Qalhat and there it was your blog


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